My aim is to help as many people as possible to overcome their eating and weight concerns, to stop dieting and apply scientific biopsychosocial approaches COMBINED with energy and law of attraction techniques. 
*You struggle with your weight and feel that now is the time that something has to change. 
* You have tried diets and suspect they don't work, you might lose weight only to regain it and dieting makes you miserable 
* You find yourself overeating, comfort eating or binge eating or eating for reasons other than being hungry 
* You want to be the person in the mirro that you see in your head 
deflated as it doesn't reflect the image you had in your mind? 
*Do you avoid clothes shopping because of your weight? 
* Do you feel self conscious on holidays or wear clothes to cover up your body? 
* Do you avoid social events, dating or intimacy because you don't feel confident about your body? 
Do you feel out of control? 
If your answer is NO to all of the above then lucky you. THE TIME IS NOW celebrates all body sizes and encourages everyone to be as happy and healthy as they can be. But for some of us, there is a struggle with food and eating which causes us to be unhappy and not live our fullest lives. Others can experience huge suffering and despair as a result of overeating, binge eating and comfort eating and which can ultimately result in serious health conditions.  
My aim is to help as many people as possible to overcome their eating and weight concerns, to stop dieting and apply scientific biopsychosocial approaches COMBINED with energy and law of attraction techniques.  
There IS a version of YOU who is body confident, happy, healthy and living life to the full!  
THE SECRET sshhh....... 
It's not about food. 
It's about feelings. 
It's a mindset, a mentality! 
Losing weight AND developing a healthy relationship with food is a battle of the mind - not of the body. If losing weight was as simple as eating less and exercising more then no-one would be overweight. This is a hugely oversimplistic way of trying to understand weight loss. It is so much more complex and sadly the odds are firmly stacked against you. It's also about understanding the environment we live in all designed to encourage us to eat, eat whatever just eat more. 
The truth is that its not about what you eat, it starts with what you think. 
But it's not just about what you think or we could all be hypnotised or just use CBT to lose weight - its also about being educated and understanding the obesogenic environment we live in and how this is literally designed to lure you or keep you trapped in poor eating patterns. 
There are actually THREE factors at play: 
Your Mindset, Your Body Chemistry, Your Environment 
Our thoughts arise as a result of all of our life experiences, good and bad. As a result of our personal stories we develop a narrative in our minds about who we are, what we believe (about ourselves and others) and we are conditioned by our inner thoughts and our outer environment to create patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Our mind is complex and powerful and drives self limiting behaviours such as fear, doubt, self sabotage and procrastination. Understanding the mind enables us to develop self mastery, release negative thought patterns and frees us to imagine and create a different future for ourselves. 
This is a game changer. Understanding your body chemistry and combining this knowledge with behavioural and dietary approaches you will find that your cravings, urges and compulsions to overeat or make poor food choices will stop or reduce signficantly. They become fleeting thoughts ONLY, and you're not compelled to act on them. You can tell when your body chemistry drives eating behaviours because we feel a tension between what our body wants to eat and what we say to ourselves about not eating it. We all know the feeling when we want to eat the biscuits/cake/ sweets and there's an internal dialogue about how we shouldn't be doing it. We either succumb in the end and feel guilty or we don't have the cake but feel deprived or miserable. This work stops this exhausting dialogue and cuts it out entirely. 
This is huge but under-rated and hardly acknowledged in weight loss programmes.  
We are surrounded by food and losing weight and keeping it off feels virtually impossible. Our environment is packed with messages which encourage us to eat and to eat more. Supermarkets, restaurants, petrol stations, advertising, celebrations and events - everywhere, food is pushed in our faces. Shops start to stock Easter eggs as early as January and mince pies in October. The food industry wants us to buy more food and we see this in promotional food offers in every direction, emotional messages focussed on 'treating yourself' and caring by feeding others. Losing weight and keeping it off means we need to protect ourselves from these messages and prompts to eat more food and instead be more environmentally savvy. 
The Weight Loss Mentality Course can be taken as a 2 day LIVE course OR accessed online over a 10 week period. Choose what best suits you based on your own time, needs and preferences. The next LIVE course is on 2nd and 3rd September 2022. 
Both courses offer online LIVE Support and Accountability Pods so you are accompanied by an NHS accredited Wellbeing Coach on your journey. 
Transformational Healing Workshops for recovery from overeating, binge eating, emotional/ comfort eating and food addiction. 
*Private Coaching is sometimes available, please see page Private Coaching Page above. 
Courses are based on 6 key learning principles: 
** Understanding your SELF and learning how to regulate your inner world using powerful psychological approaches  
** Protecting you from outer environmental factors that trigger unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours 
** Using powerful techniques to resolve the conflict between body and your mind when cravings, urges or compulsions arise 
** Adopt an 'Eat For Life' Food Framework which will help address your body chemistry, lose weight, keep it off and still have a life 
** Easy hacks to get more movement into your day 
** Law of attraction and energetic breakthrough approaches to embed new ways of thinking and to help you manifest your new life 
All of the above and more is packed into this flagship course which will teach you all you need to know about how to successfully lose weight, keep it off and be HAPPY.  
Weight Loss Mentality Course 
Weight Loss Mentality Course 
This course is delivered by 10 video topics, a new video is released each week enabling you to watch the video in own time and work on the content throughout the week at your own pace. 
You are not alone! 
There are two 'Accountability & Support Pods' available each week where you can join for group support or for specific questions. 
This course is focussed on transforming the way you think,  
feel and behave around food.  
Private Coaching is sometimes available to work alongside the Weight Loss Mentality Course. 

Transformational Healing Workshops 

Do you binge eat or think you may be addicted to food?  
Then a weight loss course might not be best for you right now.  
If you need to do further work on healing your relationship with food then consider joining a 1 Day Food Healing Workshop. Workshops focus on food addiction, binge eating, overeating. comfort eating and food addiction - basically any reason for eating which is not because you're hungry.  
The workshops are in depth and you will identify and address the drivers for your overeating or chaotic eating. By doing this groundwork you will feel like a weight has literally been lifted from your shoulders and give you the knowledge and confidence to help you regain control. 
LAUNCH OFFER - The cost of the Healing Workshop can be deducted from any future weight loss course (upto 12 months later). 
Private 1:1 Coaching  
Private coaching is available alongside the Body Confidence Mentality Course a 3 month programme and includes access to the flagship Weight Loss Mentality Course and personalised support and coaching to guide you through your weight loss journey. The 3 month period is the right amount of time to get noticable, visible results and embed new thoughts and behaviours. 
This is ideal if you have a specific time or reason to lose weight such as a a wedding or other special occasion, fertility planning, preparing for surgery or because you've simply had enough and need the weight off in a specific time frame. 


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