Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have an excellent scientific evidence base in their own right, both are recognised as effective treatments for a range of different issues by the British Medical Association (BMA) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Research provides the most support for the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and CBT for obesity, anxiety management, pain management, sleep disorders and certain stress related illnesses. 
Combining the powers of both hypnotherapy and CBT has resulted in Hypno - CBT a unique UK based approach which offers the benefits of both courses of treatment in one form of therapeutic intervention. 
I trained as a Hypnotherapist and the Hypno- CBT technique studying at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Central London. I am aslo student member of the British Psychological Society as part of my continuing research and academic study of psychology specialising in obesity and binge eating disorders. 
It's important to dispel some myths about hypnotherapy as there are some misconceptions, largely as a result of comedy stage type hypnosis. It's not a state of sleep, trance or mind control and there should be no impression that you will be 'put under'.  
Hypnosis and Hypno CBT is essentially a heightened responsiveness to suggestion. It is a collaborative process in which you allow yourself to follow the guidance of the therapist by using your imagination to evoke positive emotions and to mentally rehearse behaviour change.  
It is a very powerful technique and therapy continues outside the session where you can continue to use self hypnosis to continue to work outside the sessions. As a result Hypno CBT is a much quicker treatment normally requiring only 4-6 sessions compared to the longer term commitment and expense of other forms of therapy. 
Hypnotherapy and CBT are recognised treatments for supporting weight loss. I use Hypno CBT techniques alongside the core learning elements of the weight loss course we offer and build this into your treatment plan. As a result you will also learn about certain psychological and environmental approaches to managing your weight and provide personalised information to support better eating habits and levels of physical activity. 
Absolutely. It has been recognsised as a effective form of treatment for many issues by the British Medical Association and British Psychological Society. You will remain completely aware of everything that is being discussed and you will have full control of your own mind and body, it is not possible to get 'stuck' in hypnosis and you will not do anything you are uncomfortable with.  
Hypnotherapy is not currently regulated in the UK and anyone can call themselves a Hypnotherapist. This is why its important that you see a therapist who has been trained with a reputable institution such as the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy whose training is accredited by the British Psychological Society. A reputable therapist will also be registered with The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) or the National Council for Hypnotherapy. 
You can book your first appointment by clicking on the link below.  
The initial appointment is usually around 90 minutes which includes an assessment and allows us to explore your particular concerns and history ,and concludes with your first Hypno-CBT session. Sesssions can take place either online or face to face (recent research evidenced that online hypnotherapy was just as effective if not more effective than in person sessions). 
Subsequent sessions (up to 6 more) may be booked online or at the time of your sessions. 
Individual Sessions 9 (Pay As you Book) 
A maximum of 6 sessions but effective results can be seen in as little as 4 sessions. 
Initial Consultation + Hypno CBT Session £125 
Subsequent Sessions £75 
Packaged Sessions (Pay for full course) 
Initial Consultation and 4 further sessions £350 (saving £100) 
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