Private Premium Coaching 

My passion is helping you achieve transformational change by breaking patterns, losing weight, recovering from overeating and binge eating disorders and empowering you to become the best authentic version of yourself.  
I have a varied background and originally qualified as a solicitor, but after being diagnosed with a serious health condition I changed careers. In my later experience as a Chief Executive in the healthcare sector I have seen first hand the huge impact of obesity on health - yet there are whole industries which thrive on temporary fixes and generating profits from our efforts and our misery. I wanted to develop an approach that is realistic, that can be integrated into our lives, that is sustainable and ditches pills and diets. 
I am a qualified health and wellbeing coach - fully accredited with the NHS Personalised Care Institute (PCI) and a member of the Association for Coaching. I am a graduate of the National Centre for Eating Disorders specialising in Psychological Approaches to Obesity and Weight Management and I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Psychological Sciences with special interests in binge eating disorders, the psychology of disease diagnosis and the science of change. I have developed a unique course programme which interwines the principles of psychology, body and brain chemistry, law of attraction principles and the science of change, and how we interact with our enviroment. This provides a beautiful synchroncity of approaches and is my formula for quick, healthy and sustainable weight loss. 
It would be my privilege to help you, to empower you to flourish and become who you were always meant to be. 
With love 
Victoria x 
Available as 3, 6 or 9 month packaes depending upon amount of weight you need to lose and level of support needed. 
Most people can achieve noticeable, visible results in 12 weeks and is enough time to embed new feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  
The coaching is intensive and includes: 
- Weekly coaching session 
- Daily check in 
- Whatsapp direct access to coach (business hours) 
- Crisis support (relapse, binge prevention) 
- Personal growth and transformation support 
- Tailored food and activity framework 
- Situational planning (managing eating at events/ occasions) 
- Post weight loss transformation and life coaching 

Call or Book a FREE Consultation on 0845 1630 199 


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