If you are ready to finally end you battle with weight and get on with living the life you deserve then this is the right course for you. This course is unlike any other, there are no prescribed rules about diet or activity - but you will need to get honest with yourself and be prepared for a deep dive into the world of YOU. If you are not ready for this level of self reflection then this may not be the course for you, come back in a few months or years time when you are still facing the same problem but are ready to do the internal work. 
Our courses are based on 6 key principles: 
** Understanding your SELF and learning how to regulate your inner world using powerful psychological approaches 
** Protecting you from outer environmental factors that trigger unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours 
** Using powerful techniques to resolve the conflict between body and your mind when cravings, urges or compulsions arise 
** Adopt an 'Eat For Life' Food Framework which will help address your body chemistry, lose weight, keep it off and still have a life 
** Easy hacks to get more movement into your day 
** Law of attraction and energetic breakthrough approaches to embed new ways of thinking and to help you manifest your new life 
Introduction: Course Leader Bio. Detailed course summary outlining key principles, introducing the formula, how and why this course is transformative and works.  
Topic 1: Clearing Your Past. Understanding the roots of your struggle with weight, the events and influences from your past and drivers for the way you view weight and use food.  
Topic 2: Thoughts and Thinking. Psychological science and how and why it's your thoughts that drive your weight gain and eating behaviours. 
Topic 3: Beliefs and Self Image. How our past experiences have conditioned our minds and resulted in limited beliefs about who you are, what you think you deserve and can achieve. Exploring fear (of failure and success and other limited mindsets), self doubt, self sabotage and procrastination. 
Topic 4: Brain Chemistry. Food, feelings and behaviours and how and why we get urges, cravings or compulsions to eat. Examining binge eating, emotional/comfort eating and overeating as a form of self harm. 
Topic 5: Body Chemistry 1. Understanding your body chemistry to reduce or eliminate cravings and introduce quick, sustainable weight loss with the 'Eat for Life' Food Framework. 
Topic 6: External environment - Sharing knowledge and empowering you to successfully manage obesogenic environments and situations 
Topic 7: Internal Environment. Conquering your internal environment and disconnecting the thought, feeling, behaviour sequence that results in over-eating. 
Topic 8: Creating a New Narrative: Release limiting thoughts and beliefs about who you are, what you are capable of and identify what you really want. 
Topic 9: Law of Attraction - theory and practical application of law of attraction and manifestation techniques. The spiritial foundation for your weight loss journey and the life you plan on the other side. 
Topic 10: Body Chemistry 2. Raising your energy. The role of physical activity, meditation, positive interpersonal relationships and creating a life of health, wealth love, joy and perfect self expression. 
This detailed and profound course is also a spiritual journey, its about understanding yourself and forgiving yourself and others for their role in your struggle with weight, and literally releasing the extra baggage you picked up along the way that is currently reflected physically in your body. Your body is a reflection of your mental state - and in this course through powerful techniques you will 'unearth' the triggers which drive your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This can be an emotional experience but it's a crucial part of your healing journey and learning more about who you really are, accepting yourself and embracing all that you are and are capable of. There is no requirement to meditate or be hugely spiritual, however we must recognise that our weight is a sign of something deeper; its a symptom not a cause and this course will reveal this to you and encourage you to take action not just in relation to food but making peace with your past and re-wiring your mind to a new life and a new way of thinking. 
FREE 30 Days to Change Programme 
On completion of the course you will automatically become a member of our 30 Days to Change Programme.  
The 30 Days To Change Programme will be enough time to practice the unlearning of old ways of thinking, undo old habits and begin to rewire new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving around food. It also enough time to start to see some measurable weight loss. 
This is a free programme but you do have the option to extend this and add on the 60 or 90 Days to Change Programme .  
The 60 Days to Change Programme will help you to further embed your learning and the 90 Days to Change Programme will support your personal transformation as you become the newest version of yourself both mentally and physically and really embed the changes.  
The 60 and 90 Days are not a requirement to be successful but are intended for those who feel they would benefit for more ongoing support after the course.  
Imagine life where: 
You get your life, your body and your 'mojo' back. 
You are confident and at peace with your body. 
You are free from the constant struggle day in day out with food, weight, diets and guilt. 
You look forward to clothes shopping and find happiness in your reflection. 
You embrace social occasions and events without worrying about what to wear, what to eat and what people think of you. 
You look forward to holidays and deeply enjoy the experience without doubts and insecurities. 
You start to live the life you deserve. 
You are proud and are a role model for those around you. 
You feel good in your clothes and see the best version of you in the mirror. 
You take back control of your life. 
Many of us spend thousands of pounds on bags, shoes, watches, cars, cosmetic treatments - you name it we spend on all sorts of things to make us feel better. I used to do the same too. I have found that this is often a way to mask the real problem and make us feel better about ourselves or to compensate for where we feel inadequate or insecure. Research has actually identified a link between overeating and compulsive shopping which together is a huge drain on your finances, relationships and mental wellbeing. 
Is it your time? Is the time now to invest in yourself and do this once and for all and grab the life you want with both hands?  
Sometimes you need to JFDI - and the time is now. It works. 
Weight Loss Mentality Digital Course - COMING SOON 
10 Video topics delivered each week for 10 weeks 
FREE 30 Days to Change Programme 
Weight Loss Mentality LIVE course  
2 Day Programme 
FREE 30 Days to Change Programme 
LIVE Courses are usually delivered on the first Friday and Saturday of each month.  
3-4 March 
14-15 April (delayed due to Easter) 
5-6 May 
2-3 June 
7-8 July 
4-5 August 
8-9 September 
6-7 October 
10-11 November  
1-2 December  
Course costs reflect the value and transformational change it will bring to your life and those around you, but I also want for them not to be out of reach of most people and enable people to access this course who are serious about losing weight and making major changes in their lives. I have seen this learning transform people from inside out and the ripple effect this has on their families, friends and their work colleagues. Since I developed this programme I have been unrecognisable to many and inspired so many others to lose weight. 
If you're still not sure, remember there is a cost to everything! What is the cost if you do not lose weight? What does the extra weight cost you at the moment in terms of your physical and mental wellbeing, your finances and your quality of life? Only you know the answer to these questions and decide whether to take action and do something for you. 
LIVE 2 Day Workshops - £550 (GBP) 
30 Days to Change Programme - FREE Included in both above courses.  
Additional 60 or 90 Days (additional £99 for each 30 days) 

"We cannot create a new future by holding on to the emotions of the past" 

Dr Joe Dispenza 
“The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” 
Tony Robbins 


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